The new SAVE system for Asterix & Friends on Android (version 2.3.9 and higher)

Caution! The following FAQ relates to the Unity version of the Android app "Asterix & Friends", version 2.3.9 and higher. You can see the version number in the lower right corner of the loading screen. Please update your app to this version in order to use the new SAVE system. It may take a while for the update to become available to all players.

How it worked so far

Update: If you updated the app, of course you kept your village.

De- and reinstallation: If you uninstalled and reinstalled the app, you could only get your old village back if you connected it to Facebook beforehand using the Facebook Connect feature (popup after the tutorial and button in the settings).

This is how it will work from now on in the new Unity version with the new SAVE system

If you have installed the "Google Play Games" app and created a profile there, it works as a further "SAVE system" in addition to Facebook. "Google Play Games" is an app that is preinstalled on many, but not all, Android devices. When you start the Asterix & Friends app you will be informed if it is not installed on your device.

Update: If you update the app, you will of course keep your village. In addition, your "Google Play Games" profile will be linked to your village in the database when you start it for the first time after the update.

De- and reinstallation: If you now deinstall the app and reinstall it, your old village will be loaded automatically. Prerequisite: you have still installed "Google Play Games" and are logged in there with the same Google account / are in the same profile.


Question: What if I don't have "Google Play Games" installed?

Answer: If you close the reference to the required "Google Play Games" by clicking outside the pop-up or on the "x" button and do not install "Google Play Games", you will still end up in your village again after the update. But it will behave as before - without "Google Play Games" and without Facebook Connect your village is not "secured". After reinstalling you will end up in a new tutorial village as before.


Question: What happens if I have installed "Google Play Games" but have not yet created a profile there?

Answer: In order for the save system to work, it is essential to create a profile in "Google Play Games"! Installing "Google Play Games" AND creating a profile is the only way to get your old village back automatically after uninstalling the app.


Question: Can I install "Google Play Games" after the update and still use it to secure my village?

Answer: Yes, that is possible. If you subsequently install "Google Play Games" and set up your profile, your profile will be linked to your village in the database the first time you start Asterix & Friends again. If you insist to tap on "Not now" when you're asked to create a profile for "Google Play Games", the SAVE system won't work. But you can create a profile anytime in the "Google Play Games" app. If you have more than one Google account on your device, you can choose the profile from that account in "Google Play Games".


Question: Can I still use Facebook Connect?

Answer: Yes. Both systems work side by side. You can still connect your village to Facebook via Facebook Connect without installing "Google Play Games". Installing the "Google Play Games" app later won't cause problems, as long as you don't use the same Google account for another village on a different device.


Question: What if I have already connected my village to Facebook via Facebook Connect?

Answer: Without installing "Google Play Games" and creating a profile, you will lose access to your village after uninstalling the Asterix & Friends app. However, by connecting your village to Facebook Connect before the deinstallation, you can restore the access after the tutorial via Options -> Facebook Connect.


Question: I have several Android devices that I want to play my village on. Do I have to pay attention to something?

Answer: Yes. It really depends on the order, because when you start Asterix & Friends for the first time after updating to the "Unity version" with "Google Play Games" installed, your profile from "Google Play Games" will be linked to the village permanently. You should be logged in with the same Google account on both devices. First install "Google Play Games" and set up your profile on the device you are currently playing your village on and update Asterix & Friends to the new version. Then you can use any other Android device on which you have the same Google account and the same " Google Play Games ”profile, install or start the game and it will load the village from your first device.


Question: My old village is gone after the update. How can I restore my village?

Answer: Please contact our support team to receive help to regain access back: In order to speed up the process for the support team, please add the name of your old village and the name or id of the new village (the one you have now on your device). You can find the id on the right bottom corner of the loading screen.




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