My game crashes

A game crash can be caused by many things such as connection issues, bugs or problems with the device you are using. To figure out what went wrong we need the error message which is being displayed every time the game crashes.

To eliminate the most common sources of game crashes please try the following:

  • Delete your cache data. Old data in your cache can cause problems.
  • Update your browser. Old versions can cause problems.
  • To localize the problem: Try another browser or computer. Are you having the same problem?

If you followed these instructions but the game crashes keep on happening, when the error message is being displayed (Browser only):

  1. Click "Details" to display the whole error message.
  2. Click "Copy" to copy the error message. 
  3. Submit a ticket, describe what you did when the error occurred and paste the error message.

The support team will contact you in near future helping you to solve this problem.

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