The Race Through Italy

Now you can compete in a race through the various regions of Italy! Here's how it works.

Each race will last two weeks and will end at midnight every second Sunday. A new race will then begin immediately and all players and guilds will start with 0 miles again.

Gaining Miles
In order to proceed in the race, players need to complete tasks and earn Miles. Each region (with the exception of Rome) has a fixed amount of Miles and once these have been gained, the player will reach the next region. In Rome itself, players can continue to gain an infinite amount of Miles (image the chariots going round in circles in the Circus Maximus).

Race tasks
In most regions, players will always be presented with 3 different tasks, ranging from easy to hard. Easy tasks require less effort, but reward the player with fewer Miles. Hard tasks will earn the player more Miles, but will require more effort to complete. In cities, the players will also be able choose from 3 tasks, but only two of them will reward the player with regional delicacies. The third task will only reward Miles, but is fairly easy to complete. When completing a task, you can also choose to double your Miles by feeding your horses with tasty Carrots or Apples.

Winning the race
In order to win the race, a player must be in first place when the race ends. Remember: it's not about reaching Rome first, but having the most Miles.

Players will receive rewards every time the race ends. The reward will be based on which region they are in when the race ends, so the further they get, the better the rewards. Those players who do particularly well will receive a bonus chest with additional rewards. There will be a bonus chest for the 1st overall player, the top 50 players and the top 500 players. Please note that you will only receive the best possible reward, not all of them combined.

Regional delicacies and Wreaths
Each city has its own regional delicacy, which can only be found in that particular city. Once you have left a city, you won't be able to receive more of that particular delicacy until the next race starts and you reach that city again. Regional delicacies can be traded with Obelix for Wreaths, which are used in some quests and in order to level up your villagers. 

Guild race
Just like the villages, guilds can compete against each other in the race. A guild's place in the race is determined by the sum of Miles of its members. That means that members joining and leaving guilds will immediately affect the guild's place in the race. In the guild race, the distances between regions are larger and the bonus chests are awarded to the overall 1st guild, the top 10 guilds and the top 100 guilds.

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